We most commonly deliver your film on DVD.  DVD’s are an excellent way to preserve the quality of your video for years to come. However, we can also deliver your film on USB flash drive or Blu-Ray discs.  We can put your film on line for you to view and enjoy.  And you can download your own personal copy from the internet for viewing on any of your computer devices when you are not connected to the internet.

We record in a cinematic style, always respecting the privacy of your guests. This means we remain alert to capture the things that happen, naturally. We don’t manufacture “scenes”.  Our style is creative and original without disturbing the events of the day.  Our creative editing style develops a film like experience during the viewing.

We use the latest Canon and Sony professional digital  and cinema cameras. They capture excellent picture quality even in low light. And our digital editing process ensures that every copy you receive has the best picture and sound quality possible.

The length depends on both the things that happen during the event and the amount of coverage you want. We carefully edit every film to ensure that it always stays interesting and includes the things that are important to you.

Our general viewpoint is that we do not interview your guests.  An exception to that viewpoint may be a grandparent of the bride or groom or an older significant family member that the bride or groom want special wishes from.

We have several filmmakers who work for us on a regular basis. You can rest assured that all of them have many years of experience. Many of them have been working with us from five to fifteen years.  Your event can require from one to three filmmakers.

We do occasionally use a small light on our cameras. Also, sometimes we use some extra light during toasts and maybe the bridal dance and father-daughter dance . The new digital cameras we use give an excellent picture in very low light, so we don’t need much light for a very good image.  We are finding that more and more, that we rarely need to use any supplementary lighting at all.

No. Our style is to capture the day as it happens in a cinematic way.  We do not interfere with the event or with your guests.  We remain unobtrusive at all times. Many times clients often tell us afterwards that they didn’t even know we were there.